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Liz Byrne, MED LPC - S

Solution Focused Brief Therapy 

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mr. Rupert, Intern

Over the course of several years in her counseling offices, Liz has had several different therapy dogs as interns!  

Eight years ago, Mr. Rupert was interviewed at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society for the job of being Liz's business partner. He is a designer mix of three hypoallergenic breeds! He especially enjoys having clients bring him treats. At the end of the sessions, when the time is up, he will go to the door waiting to walk you out. He is very punctual and keeps me on schedule!

He especially loves to be compensated with a little treat from his "I Work For Treats" jar!!! 

Mr. Rupert has learned quickly how if a client does not make eye contact with him, he is to go to his bed, and pretend he is not listening! But, on the other hand, if the client pats the love seat or their laps, he knows he has a dog lover in the office! He will only give kisses if you allow it, but will curl up with you until he senses you are alright! When you either stop petting him, or point to his bed, he will retreat!

Warning: He does snore, and quite loudly at times!  

Building Therapeutic Trust, is a must in feeling comfortable with your therapist.

It is vital that you know who your therapist genuinely is

at work and at play and with her own family!

Liz's Favorite People, Places, and Things